About the Band


"Tear Ducks is a smooth and sophisticated indie/soft rock band that makes brilliantly atmospheric music meant for modern ears. It’s a languid, enveloping sound built on strong songwriting and is getting its share of traction among indie rock fans."
After a series of graduations, breakups, and job moves, former bandmates of several projects return to their suburban Nashville hometown after an 8 year hiatus of playing together. Having a mutual need for expression and excitement outside of the mundane, 3 of the members Christian (Vocals/Keys), Connor(Guitar/Vocals), and Brandon (Bass) decided to form a band that would later become Tear Ducks. After little success and various life events, the former project disbanded and 6 months later rebranded as Tear Ducks upon the release of their self-titled 2018 Debut EP. The band would soon add Zac(Guitar) who was also a former bandmate of Connor 10 years prior.